How to Order

1. Checkout  

Choose the items you want to order and click GO TO CHECKOUT (in the right column under “Your Shopping Cart”)



2. Enter billing/contact information 

You will see what items are in your cart, add or delete items if need be, then fill out your billing/contact information and select “MAKE PURCHASE” at the bottom.



3. Choose method of payment 

You now will open the Paypal web terminal. Your shopping items are noted at the top of the page along with their price. If you have a Paypal account, log in using your account email and password in the box on the right.


If you want to pay with credit card, click the “Continue” button in the left column just above the four credit card company logos.



4. Complete payment  

Follow the steps for the next screen or two to complete your order



5. Receipt and order verification 

Once your order is complete you will be presented with a receipt and confirmation page which you can print. A duplicate receipt will be emailed to you.